FBAzonPro Review | FB Azon Pro Review

FBAzonPro Review


Hi there! Thank you for reading my review on FBAzonPro. Allow me to tell you two key aspects that I LOVE about this concept. If you’ve ever ventured into Facebook paid advertising you probably noticed that it can be very expensive, sometimes upwards of $1 per click. See, Facebook doesn’t like it when you send their visitors off to an external website. BUT if you instead send the visitor to a Facebook Fan Page you’re keeping the visitor within Facebook and Facebook will actually reward you for it. I pay around 1 cent per Like on some of my Facebook Fan Pages, sometimes even less! The other aspect that I love about FB Azon Pro’s concept is that when you send visitors to a sales page and they don’t buy, they’re gone probably forever, unless you send them to a squeeze page with an opt-in form, but with spam these days, it’s getting harder and harder to get people to give you their email address on a web page. So by sending them to a Facebook Fan Page instead, it’s much easier to get them to click “Like” because they don’t have to give up any personal information and then you can promote and share with them whenever you want! So it’s sort of like building a mailing list :-) FB Azon Pro allows you to easily create beautiful Amazon affiliate Facebook Fan pages!


God bless!


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